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Senior Cat Wellness Care

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Every 6 month wellness examinations help to ensure ongoing optimal senior kitty wellness care for the best quality and longest life!

A topical monthly Flea/Parasite/Heartworm preventative, called Revolution, is recommended by Tribeca Veterinary Wellness for all adult cats, for their entire lives. Not only is this medication effective, it is a safe, non-pesticide preventative which you can feel comfortable having all of your family members (furry and otherwise) around in your home. Indoor pets are not exempt from exposure to mosquitoes and other mites, insects, and parasites. In particular in cats, many of these conditions cause conditions that were once thought to be independent of, but now are known to be caused by parasite infections. Severe asthma-like symptoms in cats, once thought to be only the result of asthma, have now been found to be often caused by a serious complication of the completely preventable feline heartworm infection. This lung inflammation occurs with such low numbers of heartworms that the tests for them are often negative, but the higher incidence of this serious condition, called HARD (feline respiratory-associated heartworm disease) speaks otherwise. Indoor cats are exposed to mosquitoes which carry heartworms, and mice/potting soil and plants/flies/other insects which can carry fecal parasite eggs and bring them unwelcome parasites.

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