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Wellness Care

We want your pet to live its best life!

We go the extra mile for all our clients and patients so that your pet receives the best possible care and that you receive exceptional service. We are equipped with the expertise and state-of-the-art medical equipment to treat your pet for most medical conditions.

General Internal Medicine

We know you want the very best medical treatment for your pet, especially when your pet is hurt or ill. We are committed to diagnosing, treating and monitoring any health condition your pet may have. We will help you find the answers to your pet’s medical conditions and improve your pet’s quality of life. Commonly diagnosed medical problems such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease and thyroid disease can be treated with the most current medical or surgical protocols.

Monitored Care of Chronic Conditions

If your pet has been diagnosed with a chronic condition (for example diabetes or hypothyroidism) we will perform the routine monitoring that is needed to keep your pet healthy. We can make diet recommendations, recommend changes in medications and treatments, recommend a monitoring schedule, and also refer your pet to the appropriate specialty service if his or her condition changes or your pet not responding appropriately to the treatments.

Dermatology and Allergies

Pets are prone to allergies, just like humans. Allergies, skin problems and excessive scratching can make your pet miserable. Allergies in dogs and cats are treatable conditions that often show up as skin or ear problems. We will work closely with you to diagnose, treat and monitor any skin, ear, nail or pad problem your pet may have. We are here to help your pet with problems such as diseases of the skin, dog or cat ear infections or immune-mediated problems. Please give us a call if your dog or cat is scratching or you suspect your pet of having an ear infection.

A quick examination can determine if allergies are caused by airborne pathogens or other sources of irritation, like fleas. We can then perform diagnostics to determine the treatment needed to provide your pet relief.

Ear Care

We also offer ear flushings and cleanings. Prevention is an important part of ear care, so we urge you to bring in your dog or cat for examination if they are exhibiting any signs of infection. Inflammation of the external ear is more prevalent in floppy-eared dogs, but is a common ailment in all breeds.

Signs to Watch for in your Pet:

It is common to assume these signs are a normal part of your dog or cat's aging process; however, they may indicate underlying disease. If you notice any of these signs in your pet, please give us a call and have your pet evaluated:

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