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Adult Dog Wellness Exams

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Every 6 month wellness examinations help ensure ongoing optimal wellness care for the best quality and longest life!

A topical monthly Flea/Parasite/Heartworm preventative, called Revolution, is recommended by Tribeca Veterinary Wellness for all adult dogs, for their entire lives. Not only is this medication effective, it is a safe, non-pesticide preventative which you can feel comfortable having all of your family members (furry and otherwise) around in your home. Even primary City-based and Indoor pets are not exempt from exposure to mosquitoes and other mites, insects, and parasites. Your dog is exposed to both mosquitoes, which carry heartworms, and also to mice/potting soil and plants/flies/other insects which can carry fecal parasite eggs and bring them (and your family) unwelcome parasites. These parasites can cause a host of diseases, some of them irreparable particularly in children, but are quite preventable.

A monthly topical or oral flea and tick control treatment is recommended by Tribeca Veterinary Wellness, for all adult dogs, for their entire lives. These medications are effective at limiting the exposure of both your dog and your family, to unwelcome pests which can cause serious disease in both pets and humans. As a part of the OneHealth initiative, not only are our veterinarians responsible for the health and wellness of your dogs but also are responsible for both your education and adoption of self-prevention measures for pet associated human medical conditions and diseases. Some of these can be transmitted from a pet directly, and most, such as Lyme and other Tick-Borne Diseases, are transmitted when a flea or tick which “hitches a ride” on a pet into your home bites a person. At Tribeca Veterinary Wellness, we take both your health and your pets’ health very seriously, and will always do our best to help you stay as best protected as possible.

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