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Adult Cat Wellness Exams

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12 months of age and older: Semi Annual Wellness Exams:

Every 6 month Check-ups

Full wellness exam review of body systems

Charting of weight trends

Charting (and possible testing) of any new lumps, bumps, or skin conditions

Body Condition Scoring, Muscle Condition Scoring, and ideal weight determination (as your cat is full grown at 12 months of age) and Nutritional Counseling

Yearly Fecal Parasite Exam (Bring a stool sample!)

Flea check (and ear mite testing, as needed)

Topical anti-parasite treatment or Oral general dewormer


Claw Trimming (If permitted)

Feline Leukemia and FIV screening if not confirmed negative at 6 months or later of age.

Junior Wellness Lab Panel yearly until age 7, then yearly Senior Wellness Lab Panel beginning at age 7 and older.

Dentistry and Dental Cleanings scheduled as needed, within 30 days of lab-work: Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning/Polishing, Dental Xrays, Identification of Significant Dental Disease and/or lesions, and tailored surgical and medical dental treatment for specific conditions identified.

Schedule Spay or Neuter Surgery, if not already completed

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